Tenth smartwin and smartshell partnermeeting at Topolcianky Slovakia 18th till 20th of Mai 2022 hosted by Natalia and Marian Dovhun.

"After three years without meeting in person, we were able to fill up our motivation tanks again. The reunion was simply necessary and incredibly good," says Franz Freundorfer CEO and organizer.

Three common days of wordwide active friends, twenty technical innovation and eightteen marketing measures could be presented. Benjamin Krick from PHI brought three new certificates to the meeting.

"Our face to face online meetings keept our communication on a high level and so we were able to survive this three-year dry spell."

In the usual closing speech, Sepp Lorber and Franz Freundorfer emphasized that the worldwide cooperation between window and house manufacturers will remainas technologically leaders. The longing of people to preserve the blue planet is the basis of the joint work of smartwin and smartshell, everybodies climate-neutral living is the goal.

Our galleries invites you to get a feeling about this amazing meeting.