First smartshell Japan partner meeting at Passiop window factory in Kagawa 28th till 29th of July 2022

founder group smartshell Japan 20220728 Kagawa
Daiji Sato presents smartwin.
Excursion to buildings in Takamatsu region
Building site from Passiop with smartwin windows
smartwin sliding in Passiop building

"Just 10 weeks after the international smartwin and smartshell partner meeting in Slovakia our Japanese partners Passiop and Natsumi could run an own first smartshell Japan partner meeting with 12 interested timber frame builders. Unbelievable how motivated our Japanese partners act." so our network leader Franz Freundorfer.

Two common days with interested smartshell partners from Japan, organized by smartwin partner Passiop and smartshell partner Natsumi, should start up an own smartshell Japan network.

First day with visit of the running window production and presentations from Daiji Sato and an online presentation of Franz Freundorfer show, that the target of the birth of smartshell Japan network is reachable.

The upcoming network has the target to get partners in all 47 prefectures of Japan step by step.

The philosophy to produce energy efficient buildings affordable for everybody is the common target for smartshell Japan. This simple basic philosophy could keep the humans on the blue planet „just as a side effect”.

The technical base of the network is the common building system smartshell timber frame Japan, which has a pre certification from PHI Darmstadt.

On day two the upcoming smartshell partners could visit existing smartshell projects in Takamatsu region. All participants were impressed about the installed smartwin and smartwin sliding windows.