smartshell Japan receives the coveted certificate for a timber construction system

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Krick, Managing Director at the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, presents the coveted certificate at the Passive House Conference in Wiesbaden to a cooperation of currently eleven Japanese timber house builders.

Benjamin Krick, who is also the chairman of component certification, emphasizes the importance of the network of timberframe house builders, who receive the certificate. Secondly, the window fitting detail - the so-called fusion between window, wall and shading - is emphasized as important and till today unique.

"This is an excellent basis for the highest living comfort with the lowest operating and capital costs." says the managing director B. Krick.

Franz Freundorferr emphasizes, that he is only receiving the certificate on behalf of his Japanese partners and that he sees working with the Japanese homebuilders network as his most exciting task at the moment.

Video: smartshell timberframe japan certificate handover (English voice translation coming soon)