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For the second time, smartwin wins by a wide margin the Component Award 91 of 100 possible points for smartwin compact S smartwin compact S with integrated shading The evaluation criterion was the payback of the window. For this, the investment costs were compared with the potential energy savings. The jury of experts also took into account other aspects including practicality, innovation and aesthetics each making up 20%. “smartwin compact S is the overall winner. After achieving the best result in the category wood/aluminum windows for the Award 2014, Smartwin succeeded impressively in defending the coveted title. The integration of a blind in the glass has been a topic for years.  To date, the blind was inextricably linked to the sealed insulated glass unit. When the blind failed, the whole sealed unit had to be changed.” Such things are not consistent with our principles “said Franz Freundorfer The smartwin cooperation which is active in 10 countries excels with a surprisingly simple solution which is – according to the strict jury ‘brilliant and innovative’. “We install the blind in front of the insulated glass unit and finish with a single pane of glass” says Sepp Lorber the last and new passive house window champion.   Go to the official press release of the Passive House institute   For overall please refer to the jury protocol Come and visit us at the Passive House Conference. Of course, we will be exhibiting and showing our new baby “smartwin compact S”.  We wait to see you on our booth 9.11 on level 1.   Philosophy "pro Passivhausfenster" was formed by PHC (passive house consulting) Franz Freundorfer,  Josef Lorber and Menuiserie André.  This group of passive house window designers and manufacturers joined forces to develop an 'phA' rated passive house window.  Pro Passivhausfenster has established a network of twelve partner companies manufacturing passive house ‘A' rated windows in seven different countries all around Europe. We prefer partner companies with up to 30 employess working in window production. Your local Pro Passivhausfenster partner can economically manufacture these advanced passive house windows for your project. This window system is based on mutual trust and active cooperation by partner companies, where each member shares with the other partners their strengths, contributing ideas, suggestions and shares their experiences.  Each local manufacturer benefits from the combined strength and knowledge of the overall group ensuring a high quality passive house window. Since 2013 we have in operation a common software system for marketing and production. Pro Passivhausfenster continues with on-going development of their range of phA windows.  Revenue from licensed manufacturing partners goes to finance further research and development. Licensees must be co-operative and willing to share their knowledge and experience (through factory visits and an annual meeting for example). They should also be active locally in promoting the passive house standard (as a member of IG passive house, through lectures, training events, exhibitions, through liaison with policy makers , schools , architects , developers , etc). Licensed partners should have basic knowledge in passive houses through PHPP training or similar. Today we have four innovative window systems certified in class "phA": window system "Smartwin" fixed glazing "Smartwin fixed" first PHI certified sliding system "Smartwin sliding" a window system for historical monuments "Smartwin historic" Our next target is the first window in the class "phA+". A pilot project in 2014 should make this a reality. A new passive house front door "smartwin entrance" will also appear in 2014. It will set a new standard for energy efficient front doors.  
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Technology leader for wooden passive house windows With SmartWin, SmartWin Sliding and SmartWin Historic we offer the most innovative windows available. Our passive house windows are surprisingly affordable meaning a passive house is now available to anyone.  
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With a complete new approach to the possible performance levels of a window, it was Franz Freundorfer and Sepp Lorber who have succeeded for the first time to provide a window of class phA +. The new window has a face width of 58 mm and has been certified by the Passive House Institute for a cold climate. In the third quarter of 2014, the birth of a new generation of window becomes reality with a pilot project in Styria. From mid-2015, we expect production to commence by our licensed partners. certificate smartwin arctic  
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On closer inspection of the heat flows of certified passive house doors we quickly notice that there is an area at ??the door threshold where there is enormous room for improvement. Thus, a passive house door of the second generation was developed and certified at the Passivhaus Institute in a cooperative partnership with the TSH System GmbH. For the first time it has been possible to achieve the ‘condensation risk free’ criterion of a surface temperature greater than 12.6 degrees at the inside of the door threshold. The new front door is flush internally, consistent with the Smartwin reputation for beautiful looking windows. Smartwin entrance will be available from June 2014. certificate smartwin entrance certificate smartwin entrance with glazing  
smartwin historic  
As part of the project "3encult" smartwin producer Menuiserie Andre developed a new window system for historically important buildings. A single glazed window frame externally with a triple glazed and particularly narrow window frame internally achieves a certified passive house window of the grade phA with a historical look. Franz Freundorfer presented his summary for the lecture at the 16th International Passive House Conference in Hanover in 2012. link to presentation (in German language) Since May 2013, our smartwin historic partner is the renowned box window manufacturer Kranz in Schwanenstadt (Upper Austria). certificate and data sheet smartwin historic folder smartwin historic (in German language)  
smartwin sliding  
smartwin sliding is the first certified passive house sliding door on the market.  A complete encompassing air-tightness seal provides unparalleled levels of air-tightness. Visually, the sliding door is exactly the same proportions as the smartwin window. The product was certified with an ‘phA’ rating by the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt.     Again, ‘phA’ rated passive house windows made by your local manufacturer. certificate with datas from smartwin sliding  
smartwin compact  
The smartwin compact from Propassivhausfenster leads the way in cost and energy efficient windows, so it is not surprising that the smartwin compact was awarded 1st prize by the Passive House Institute in 2014 in the category of ‘alu clad timber’ windows. Visually, smartwin compact is completely identical to its big sister smartwin. Sepp Lorber in Styria begins production from 2014. All other partners begin smartwin compact production in 2015. The most cost-efficient windows in the world produced locally. certificate with datas from smartwin compact presentation Window Award 2014 from Dr. Wolfgang Feist with explanations as .pdf  
Extract from the Circular No. 2 of IG Passivhaus Germany (translated from German): SmartWin from pro Passivhausfenster GmbH, Oberaudorf, were awarded a certificate "passive house suitable components: window frame".  SmartWin is an innovative, slim frame passive house window with an elegant design. Distinguishing features include the flush-mounted sash internally and it’s all-glass look externally. (rated as ‘A’ under the new criteria for passive house windows) In spite of the excellent thermal properties, SmartWin with its sophisticated design can be manufactured at an affordable price by licensed partners of pro Passivhausfenster GmbH, which developed the SmartWin window. Currently there are six small window manufacturing partners with the goal of spreading affordable, high quality and highly efficient passive house windows. They are still looking for partners.” certificate with datas from smartwin certificate with datas from smartwin fixed   



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