smartwin gründet das JungeBAUHANDwerk

Für das Klima auf die Straße gehen ist der erste Schritt, aktiv für das Klima arbeiten der zweite. 80 bis 90% Energieeinsparung prognostiziert unser Nachwuchs für den Gebäudesektor.

Reinhold Kober from bookyourvideo and our CEO Franz Freundorfer made their way to members of Passivhauskreis on July 12th and 13th in order to put the importance of the building trade in the right light.

"The training of our own offspring is a top priority for our members. We at tPassivhauskreis help our members to find apprentices by means of a series of videos and have set ourselves the goal of allowing apprentices to take part in our training to become certified passive house craftsmen free of charge in spring 2022." so our CEO.


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