smartshell solid S - a classic solid construction without polystyroam

Opaque building envelop

The construction system is built on a concrete floor slab supported completely with XPS insulation.

The walls are constructed with insulation bricks an additional exterior insulation from wood fiber board. The roof construction is formed with rafters at 70cm spacing  withcellulose insulation between. A gypsum board is fitted below cross battens with insulation in between.



The certification was done with the window smartwin solar, which is a very slim phA-class window with triple 18 mm argon glazing, Swisspacer Ultimate spacer bar with PU secondary seal.

A special feature of smatwin solar installed in smartshell solid S is, that a simple blindframe is fitted by the constructor company. The windows gets fitted just in front of moving in period. No masking of the windows and no damages or moisture damage can appear.


Airtightness concept

The airtightness layer in the walls is the interior plaster. It is sealed together and to the windows with an air-tightness tape. A membrane between the rafters and the wood fiber board serves as airtightness layer in the roof.