smartshell - the art of building a cozy home

smartshell is a network, which was set up to improve collaboration for building constructions. The individual project participants work together across all trades and guarantee the future resident maximum comfort with the lowest heating costs and minimal foodprint.

After the founders of smartwin achieved worldwide acceptance in window development with the innovative products of the smartwin family, the window tinkerers are now going one step further towards energy-efficient and economical building shells. smartshell is the perfect addition to the smartwin family: building shell and windows from a single source save your money. Four certificates for wall and building systems are already available at the start of smartshell cooperation. A worldwide network is planned, which will build on the base of existing smartwin partners. We are a strong team, that solves the interface problems on your building and has a good overall result in mind.

smartshell - teamwork saves more!

Properties of a smartshell building

building shell


- only ecological insulation

- airtight building envelope in passive house standard

- calculation of all thermal bridges ensures damage-free building plus energy-efficient solutions in all details

- compulsory blower door test

- guaranteed heating and cooling costs

- ventilation as comfort ventilation with heat recovery

- certified passive house designers and certified passive house craftsmen ensure maximum comfort with the lowest operating costs



- smartwin solar, a very slim window of energy efficiency class phA, is used in all smartshell systems

- your window reveal becomes part of the window frame, this enables particularly high solar gains

- high-quality triple glazing in various designs for your building

- standard: Ug = 0,54 W/m²K, g = 50%

- glazing units with an extra high transmission of solar energy Ug = 0.63 W / m²K, g = 62%

- insulation glas units filled with argon

- edge seal as a warm edge, e.g. B. Swisspacer Ultimate

- maximum height of a balcony door of up to 2850mm

- maximum width of a single-leaf window of up to 1450mm

- maximum height of a lift and slide door of up to 2800mm

- maximum width of a lift and slide door of up to 3300mm

- CE marking only from accredited institutes

- thermal proof through certificates from the Passive House Institute Darmstadt