smartshell - the art to build a cozy home

smartshell was launched to make the benefits of the passive house standard accessible to everyone. We think about your new home in detail and don't just put components together.

We guarantee you the future heating and cooling costs and show you how to protect the climate and your wallet at the same time.

Our goal is to combine a clever building system (smart) and its appealing design (art) to create your new living space (shell). Thus smartshell is the art of making your comfortable home future-proof.

The founders of smartshell Sepp Lorber and Franz Freundorfer have developed the construction systems solid construction, timber frame construction, solid wood construction and the particularly important renovation with experienced master craftsmen to create new, more efficient and climate-friendly building systems. All variants comply with the strict regulations and requirements of passive house construction. The certificates from Dr. Wolfgang Feist, Passive House Institute Darmstadt make this proof. A worldwide network of partner companies guarantees extensive availability of the smartshell building systems. The close cooperation in the network and the basis of the pooling of knowledge in a strong community of specialists is a powerful engine in the further development of smartshell systems. The materials selected for smartshell not only offer excellent insulating properties, but also have a high aesthetic and practical value. By using renewable raw materials, the production of all smartshell components is highly environmentally friendly!

smartshell - less energy saves more!

smartshell - less energy saves more

This passive house certified construction is available in four insulation thicknesses to suit your climate.
Rotate the insulated component and click on the hotspots for more info!
In one or two days, our certified passive house craftsmen create your weatherproof, airtight and load-bearing inner shell.